Join Journeyman for "39 Days of Camino Glory" as he shares 7 new songs from his 2nd album - ALONG THE WAY: UNDAUNTED JOURNEY - as well as artwork and pictures of his trek.  The 39-day countdown to full album release begins January 11, 2021.

Full album release Feb 19.

By the way, 1,500 miles is the equivalent to walking 3X Camino de Santiago, Spain.

JOURNEYMAN to release new album following "39 Days of Camino Glory" countdown!!!


JOURNEYMAN is poised to release his next album - Along the Way: Undaunted Journey" following a 39-day trek.  Seven (7) new songs, artwork, and pics will be showcased along the way. 

Full album release upon conclusion of the 39-day journey - February 19, 2021.

This image is the album cover, a 30 inch x 30 inch painting.


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Hello! I hope everyone is safe and well.  This COVID pandemic has really been topsy-turvy, huh? 

Along the Way (Vol. 1): The Journey Begins 

“Along the Way: The Journey Begins” was Journeyman’s first album and the timing of the release coincided with a concert early February 2020.  I was humbled to have received many favorable reviews of album #1.  Musical reviews are available on Journeyman’s website (   If you missed the show, you may watch video snippets of the concert performances on by clicking this link:

COVID Camino 

With wind in my sails, things were moving along nicely.  And then COVID-19 arrived.  Determined to stay fit during COVID lockdown, I began walking every day.  I coined my journey “COVID Camino” and established a goal of walking 491 miles (790 km), the length of El Camino de Santiago, Spain.  For reference, 491 miles is the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 

Journeyman completed COVID Camino by walking approximately 5.6 miles daily over 87 consecutive days.  And what did I do when I finished the 491-mile trek?  First, celebrated – always celebrate successes!  Then, I promptly turned around and began walking another 491 miles in 76 consecutive days, averaging 6.5 mile per day.  Remind you of Forrest Gump?  That’s right, COVID Camino 2X in 163 consecutive days. 

And once I finished 1000 miles, I began another 500-mile trek making this COVID Camino 3X.  I finished this third leg on January 9, 2021.  So, 1,500 miles since COVID.  Making you feel tired? 

And the journey continues… now walking COVID Camino 4X.  Crazy, huh?   

"Along the Way (Vol. 2): Undaunted Journey - 39-Day Countdown  

In my opinion, it takes about 39 days to walk the Camino in Spain.  So, I wrote a song titled “39 days (of Camino Glory)” during my COVID walks.  Now, the exciting news… For 39 consecutive days, beginning January 11, 2021, Journeyman began sharing photos of his COVID Camino walkathon and providing sneak peek’s of seven (7) new Journeyman songs. on Instagram, Facebook, and Journeyman’s website. 

Instagram          @iamjourneyman17  
Facebook           iamjourneyman17 

This collection of seven (7) new songs represents a preview of the songs that will be included on Journeyman’s second album titled, “Along the Way: Undaunted Journey.”  These new songs will be released randomly over the course of these 39 consecutive days.  So, be on your toes and check out my social media sites daily.  The “39 Days” campaign will end on February 18, 2021.  

The Along the Way: Undaunted Journey will be officially released on February 19, 2021 and be made available on many streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes, as well as my website. 

39 Days Artwork Bonus 

Journeyman has painted a variety of oil and acrylic paintings that accompany select Journeyman songs.  Journeyman will periodically showcase these paintings on during the 39 Days countdown.  Once exhibited on Instagram, the paintings will be available for viewing on 

First Responders Song Debut 

Journeyman teamed up with L.A-based songwriters, John Moran and Jeff Walker, to write a tribute song for first responders – nurses, doctors, police and fire fighters – who have heeded the call to work the frontlines of the invisible COVID-19.  The song is titled “First Responders.” Both the song and song/video release will be announced during the 39 Days countdown. 

First Responders will be available on the Journeyman website and various other platforms, including Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes beginning February 19, 2021.  The First Responders song video will also be available for play on Youtube immediately after the sneak preview. 

Virtual Guest Speaker – Inside Edge 

Journeyman was a guest speaker at an Inside Edge “Camino” event on September 16.  Inside Edge is an educational foundation located in Newport Beach, CA.  The topic?  “Along the Way: Stories from Camino de Santiago.”  This LIVE online Zoom event included Journeyman stories, song snippets, and guest speakers, including one woman who has walked Spain’s various Camino routes 11 times!!!  Paste this link into your browser to see the presentation:®ion=ebf0f70e-3cb4-423c-b5a9-927a02bec4fe#/main

I look forward to your joining me for 39 Days.  Hopefully, Journeyman’s songs, artwork, and stories will inspire you to keep moving forward on your journey.  Stay safe, stay healthy! 



Debut Album by JOURNEYMAN. Out Now.