Hello, my name is Peter Hlavin and I am JOURNEYMAN - American songwriter, visual artist, and executive producer based in the United States. Inspired by my 500-mile Camino de Santiago journey, Europe's most important pilgrimage, I have followed a path of creating immersive, journey-related artistic experiences that combine song, music, visual art, installations, and storytelling.   

The foundation for Journeyman's collection of contemporary works is titled "THE CAMINO PROJECT." This project is not only based on JOURNEYMAN's personal Camino experiences, but also shaped by Camino lore and the experiences of others from around the world who seek (dare) to journey.


Installed May 7, 2002, Palas de Rei, Spain

A uniquely designed labyrinth located along the Camino Frances pilgrim path and located in Os Chacotes recreational park, Palas de Rei, Spain. Peter created and developed Laberinto del Camino. His song, Laberinto del Camino, and artwork goes along with this labyrinth. A trifecta!


An extension of The Camino Project was the is the creation of an immersive experience revolving around the design and installation of a uniquely designed labyrinth in Spain.

  • Mission - Create an immersive experience that revolves around the building of a uniquely-designed labyrinth - Laberinto del Camino - in Spain near Camino Francés, the most famous of all Camino de Santiago routes (also referred to as "The Way"). 
  • Purpose - Threefold purpose: (1) provide travelers with yet another personally enriching experience along the Camino Francés path, (2) provide the town where the labyrinth will be built and region of Galicia with additional prominence and prestige along the Camino Francés route (i.e., a "must see, must do" activity), and (3) personal giveback by JOURNEYMAN (i.e., gift of gratitude for the many blessings the Camino has provided JOURNEYMAN).
  • Location - Laberinto del Camino is situated alongside Camino Francés in Os Chacotes public park in the town of Palas de Rei, Spain. The Camino Francés pilgrimage route passes directly through the city center of Palas de Rei.


Celebrate the "Grand Opening" of Laberinto del Camino

Site of Laberinto del Camino, Os Chacotes Park, Palas de Rei, Spain

Laberinto del Camino

Laberinto del Camino - May 7, 2022

Laberinto del Camino, Os Chacotes Park, Palas de Rei, Spain

Journeyman, the staff of the municipality of Palas de Rei, numerous volunteers, The Labyrinth Company, AND Paths of Peace brought Laberinto del Camino to life on May 7, 2022. This design incorporates two symbols of Camino de Santiago: conch (scallop) shell and arrow. This labyrinth arrow points directly at the city of Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of pilgrims who walk the various Camino de Santiago paths.

  • Installation Date MAY 7, 2022 - coincidentally, "World Labyrinth Day."
  • New Song - "Laberinto del Camino" is not only the name of the labyrinth built in Palas de Rei, Spain, but also it is the name of a song created by Journeyman, featuring San Diego-based vocalist and musician, Fernando Garcia. This song inspired JOURNEYMAN to create and develop the integrated experience known as "Laberinto del Camino." Click on the video BELOW to play the song video, Laberinto del Camino.


  • Team Effort - As with any venture, success is a function of the team involved in the project. JOURNEYMAN worked closely with Palas de Rei town officials, The Labyrinth Company, Paths of Peace, pilgrims, and dozens of volunteers from Galicia, Spain. Of course, there is all the musical support. After all, it is music that brought me to Palas de Rei and Laberinto del Camino. This cast includes producers, vocalists, musicians, songwriters, rhymecologist, music industry coach, graphic artists, wood working artist, Spanish-English translator, friends, and many others. And thank you to all the donors for your enthusiastic and generous support.

Fundraise Effort - Although Phase 1, labyrinth installation, is complete there is still work to be done. Phase 2 includes landscaping. Donations to support this effort are welcomed and being accepted at www.GoFundMe.com.  All proceeds are directed towards The Labyrinth Society, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and administrator of donations received through GoFundMe.com. Copy the GoFundMe link below and paste it into your browser:


Endorsement - Laberinto del Camino is endorsed as a "Special Project" by The Labyrinth Society, the world's largest membership organization of labyrinth enthusiasts.

Save the date! 

JOURNEYMAN is pleased to announce the "Grand Opening" of Laberinto del Camino on September 14, 2022. This date coincides with the annual holiday celebration of Palas de Rei. JOURNEYMAN's band and three American vocal artists will perform LIVE beginning at 7:00 pm (19:00 Spain time) at the site of Laberinto del Camino. How cool is that?

  • September 14, 2022 - Laberinto del Camino "Grand Opening"
  • Time: 7:00 pm (19:00 Spain time)
  • Venue: Os Chacotes Park, Palas de Rei, Spain (site of Laberinto del Camino)


Journeyman began presenting songs from his third album titled "Along the Way: Spiral of Life" beginning May 7, 2022. Journeyman's hit, Laberinto del Camino, was the first song to be released. Click on the video above to play Laberinto del Camino. Stay tuned for further announcements.   

Buen Camino & Buen Laberinto!

Peter Hlavin (aka Journeyman)

Laberinto del Camino - The People

Journeyman Presents Album #2 (released February 2021)