American Peter Hlavin (aka Journeyman) is leading an effort to build a uniquely designed "Pilgrim Garden" in the village of Palas de Rei, Spain. This Spanish name for Pilgrim Garden is "Jardín del Peregrino."

The most famous of all Camino de Santiago walking routes, Camino Francés (also known as "The Way"), runs directly through Palas de Rei. Accordingly, Palas de Rei is known as a major overnight resting destination for pilgrims on the Camino. Inspired by his Camino walks, JOURNEYMAN created this Pilgrim Garden project.


The purpose of building Jardín del Peregrino (Pilgrim Garden) is to provide millions of Camino pilgrims, as well as local community and garden/labyrinth enthusiasts, with an outdoor restorative space along the Camino path.

In May 2022, JOURNEYMAN led the creation, development, and installation of a one-of-a-kind, contemporary labyrinth in Área Recreativa de Os Chacotes, Palas de Rei, known as "Laberinto del Camino." Laberinto del Camino was installed in collaboration with Concello de Palas de Rei, volunteers, service providers, and donors.

Jardín del Peregrino and Laberinto del Camino are viewed as complementary "bookends." Whereas Laberinto del Camino, with its single, winding path, naturally invites walkers to slow down, the Pilgrim Garden invites one to be still, reflect, dream, and be quiet.


Donations are being sought to help with the various elements of the installation, including but not limited to, design, materials (stone, sand, gravel, granite cobblestones), plants, marketing/promotion, supplies, maintenance, and expert consultation services. Excavation services will be provided by Concello de Palas de Rei. Donations are being accepted at

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 Option 2: Go to and type in the search keyword “Journeyman.” Click on the Journeyman fundraiser icon. 


Jardín del Peregrino (Pilgrim Garden) is designed in the shape of a pilgrim boot print, with two gravel walking paths and numerous boxwood plants (representing the outer tread marks of the boot print). An outer gravel path surrounds the design. An inner walking path, in the shape of an arrow (major symbol of the Camino), runs from heel to toe. Threshold granite plaques will also be installed at the Pilgrim Garden's two side entrances.


Palas de Rei is located 40 miles (67km) east of the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela, Spain, the final destination for all Camino pilgrimage routes. Jardín del Peregrino (Pilgrim Garden) will be installed in Área Recreativa de Os Chacotes, Palas de Rei's beautiful public park.

The approximate location of Jardín del Peregrino may be found by referencing Laberinto del Camino in Google Maps. Type in the words "Laberinto del Camino" in the "Search Google Maps" box. The location of The Pilgrim Garden will be directly behind the labyrinth in the forest.


The installation date for Jardín del Peregrino is targeted for May 11, 2024 (subject to change). Volunteers and pilgrims passing by Palas de Rei on the build date are welcome to help with the installation. Following the installation, a Dedication or Soft Opening of Jardín del Peregrino, will be held late afternoon.


Peter (aka Journeyman) will be hosting a series of live Zoom events during the course of this campaign. Such events will be designed to educate/inform interested donors and curiosity seekers. The next "Pilgrim Garden" Zoom event will be Saturday, January 20 from 5:00-6:00 Central Time. Event details may be found at Evenbrite by clicking on this link:


Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me, Palas de Rei, and pilgrims worldwide.



Along Camino Francés - Entering Palas de Rei

  • Upon exiting a tree forest tunnel, Os Chacotes public park awaits you
  • Proceed 200 meters to the Compostela stamp booth
  • Continue an additional 25 meters and take a left onto Calle Laberinto, a dirt path
  • Proceed 90 meters down Calle Laberinto
  • See the “12 Apostles” on your left (12 stone slabs)
  • Pass through a wooden gate
  • See Laberinto del Camino
  • The Pilgrim Garden is located 30 yards behind Laberinto del Camino, inside the oak forest

Along Camino Francés - From Palas de Rei Village Center

  • Proceed 9 minutes to Calle Laberinto and take a right (if you reach the Compostela stamp booth, then you've gone 25 meters too far)
  • Proceed 90 meters down Calle Laberinto, a dirt path
  • See the “12 Apostles” on your left (12 stone slabs)
  • Pass through a wooden gate
  • See Laberinto del Camino
  • The Pilgrim Garden is located 30 yards behind Laberinto del Camino, inside the oak forest