Laberinto del Camino - Labyrinth Colorings

Palas de Rei, Spain

Stamp Montage - Official Camino Stamp for Pilgrim Passports

Journeyman Scores a Trifecta with "Artists for a Better World"

World Art Day 2021 - Four of Journeyman's original songs were perfomed live at World Art Day 2021 in Los Angeles, presented by Artists for a Better World. Original artwork of Jounreyman accompanied each song creating an integrated, immersive experience. Click on this link to view a short video clip of the event. 

Gallery Showing - Journeyman's hit song, "Lady of the Way" (and associated artwork by the same name) is currently on display at the Artists for a Better World virutal gallery. Click on the link below to see view the gallery (scroll down about 70% of the page to see Journeyman artwork and song). 

The Way to Happiness - Journeyman's  "Lady of the Way" painting was chosen to grace the cover of AFABW's "The Way to Happiness" educational booklet.


©2021 Peter Hlavin

Storyline - This painting is based on "Alto del Perdon," the third highest mountian/hill in northern Spain. This "mound" is located just to the west of Pamplona and situated on the Camino. Alto del Perdon, translated from Spanish to English, means height of forgiveness. The landscape is generally lush and the winding path leads one to a windy summit. At the top there are 12 iconic metal statues, depicting pilgrims walking the Camino route through the centuries. The descent is very steep and rocky.

Journeyman Song - I wrote a song that shares the same name as this painting (Album: Along the Way - The Journey Begins). Vocalist, Gilli Moon, and spoken word "rhymecologist," J Walker, vocally lead you up to the top of Alto del Perdon, reflecting on past sins and  ultimately achieving atonement.

Sold - This painting was recently acquired by a Florida-based collector.

"Camino Project" Artwork (Finished and Initial Renderings)

Immersive Experience

These paintings and renderings (drafts)  serve as the foundation to Journeyman's "Camino Project." It is anticpated that there will be a collection of 14 paintings, each tied to/connected with an original song written and produced by Journeyman. It is Journeyman's vision to present these completed pieces of artwork and songs in immersive exhibitions. Stay tuned for some upcoming and exciting news relating to Journeyman's groundbreaking exhibition.

Note: The painting "Color Me Blue" (bottom left)) was painted LIVE at a recent Journeyman concert while Journeyman songs were being performed LIVE.


Artwork Created Prior to Journeyman


These paintings are from various periods in Journeyman's life. Other than a couple of courses in drawing and painting taken in the evenings at School of the Art Institure of Chicago, Journeyman is a self-taught artist.

The silver leaf on acrylic painting Journeyman is standing next to is an award-winning painting of the National Art Museum of Sports (NAMOS). This painting was acquired by the National Collegiate Association of Athletics (NCAA) and is displayed at its coorporate headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN.

The higher jumper in red sweat pants was painted by Journeyman on his bedroom wall during his freshman year in high school. The lion's head, know as Maahes, is an African mask that Journeyman created in eighth grade art class and refurbished in 2020.