The BIG Reveal: The Pilgrim Garden, Palas de Rei, Spain

Save the Date - JOURNEYMAN to Host Live Zoom Event

JOURNEYMAN invites all to attend the unveiling of the “Pilgrim Garden," or “Jardin del Peregrino” in Spanish. The Pilgrim Garden is a uniquely designed prayer garden - the shape of a pilgrim boot print - that will be built along the Camino de Santiago trail in Palas de Rei, Spain, during the Spring of 2024. The live Zoom event will be held saturday, January 20 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Central Time.


The purpose of building Jardin del Peregrino is to provide millions of Camino pilgrims, as well as local community and garden/labyrinth enthusiasts, with an outdoor restorative space along the Camino path.


Os Chacotes public park, adjacent to Laberinto del Camino, Palas de Rei, Spain. Palas de Rei is located approximately 40 miles east of Santiago de Compostela, the final destination for all Camino pilgrims.


Free registration may be found at (keywords: Pilgrim Garden). Here is the link:

I look forward to seeing you all at JOURNEYMAN's Saturday, January 20 Zoom event at 5:00 pm Central Time.





Along Camino Francés - Entering Palas de Rei

  • Upon exiting a tree forest tunnel, Os Chacotes public park awaits you
  • Proceed 200 meters to the Compostela stamp booth
  • Continue an additional 25 meters and take a left onto Calle Laberinto, a dirt path
  • Proceed 90 meters down Calle Laberinto
  • See the “12 Apostles” on your left (12 stone slabs)
  • Pass through a wooden gate
  • See Laberinto del Camino

Along Camino Francés - From Palas de Rei Village Center

  • Proceed 9 minutes to Calle Laberinto and take a right (if you reach the Compostela stamp booth, then you've gone 25 meters too far)
  • Proceed 90 meters down Calle Laberinto, a dirt path
  • See the “12 Apostles” on your left (12 stone slabs)
  • Pass through a wooden gate
  • See Laberinto del Camino

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Join the Journey and Celebrate with us on Sunday, May 7, 2023

4:00-6:00 PM (16:00-18:00)

Along  the Camino Francés path (also known as "The French Way") is a wonderful, albeit small municipality, by the name of Palas de Rei. The village of Palas de Rei is located 65km from Santiago de Compostela Cathedral and it's a town included in the last 100km of on the Camino Francés route (minimum distance required to obtain a compostela certificate in Santiago).

It is here, in Los Chacotes Park, Palas de Rei, that LABERINTO DEL CAMINO was born on May 7, 2022.

Well, the one year anniversary of the installation of LABERINTO DEL CAMINO is Sunday, May 7, 2023. You are cordially invited to join the journey along with PALAS DE REI and JOURNEYMAN to celebrate the birthday of LABERINTO DEL CAMINO. This celebration will be at the labyrinth site:

Laberinto del Camino is nestled in an oak forest in Os Chacotes public park, Palas de Rei, Spain. There are several ways to find the labyrinth:

  • Entering Palas de Rei by Way of the Camino - Before you enter Palas de Rei along the Camino path, you'll exit the "tree forest," In front of you is an expansive park - Os Chacotes public park. Follow the Camino path for approximately two minutes. Take a left after the albergue (on your left) and head down the dirt path, named LABERINTO WAY, for 75 meters. 
  • From Palas de Rei City Center - A short 10-minute walk along the Camino Francés path heading east along the Camino path. Take a right immediately after the soccer (futbol) stadium and head down the dirt path, named LABERINTO WAY, for 75 meters. 
  • From La Cabana Hotel - proceed to the east side of La Cabana, cross the Camino path, and head south down the dirt path 75 meters.
  • Follow the "12 Apostles" - 12 slate slabs of stone are buried along the perimeter of the park. These "12 Apostles" will lead you down a dirt path and to the entrance of the labyrinth 75 meters from the Camino path.