1.  Why did JOURNEYMAN go down the path of producing pop songs?

 The "Along The Way" album songs are pop songs, by choice, as the Camino is all about fun and living in the moment, even while pondering deep meanings and attending to sore feet.  When researching Camino-themed songs on the Internet, I discovered that a lot of the songs, although quite beautiful, were very solemn in lyrics, beat and melody.  Thus, I sought to depart from tradition, so to speak, and focus on the positive, uplifting aspects of the Camino.  Thus, JOURNEYMAN's  pop songs are contemporary, spirited and lively.

2.  What's the difference between a digital download of the "Along the Way" album and ordering a physical CD of the album? 

A digital download of the album allows the purchaser to download all songs contained in the album directly to your electronic devices, including computer and smartphone.  A physical CD is a traditional CD disc contained in what is known as a "digipak," or three-panel cardboard storage medium.  Upon ordering, the physical CD is shipped to directly to a destination of your choosing.  Shipping and handling are additional charges.

3.  What is JOURNEYMAN's favorite CanvasScape?

One Pilgrim in my Camino group, Pam, made note of a sign we came across, written in Spanish, in a garden next to the Alchemista Bar (coincidence?) on the Camino trail.  If I may paraphrase, her canvas reads: If someone seeks to criticize your Camino, then hand them your boots.

4.  Is your CaminoArt, the milestone markers (bollards/mojones), exact replicas of the milestone markers on the Camino?  Is the exterior stone?

The answer to both questions is no.  JOURNEYMAN had to use whatever materials were commercially available at the time.  While a near exact replica could be developed, JOURNEYMAN was under time constraints to create all 24 of the milestone markers within a three month period.  The height of the CaminoArt milestone markers approximates that of a real stone milestone marker; however, the base of the structure is wider and slightly deeper.  The exterior, although it looks like real stone, is a mixture of paint and sand.

5.  Why is the word "The" capitalized in album title "Along The Way?"

The Camino de Santiago is also referred to as "The Way of Saint James," or simply "The Way."  So, the title refers to pilgrim experiences and traveler encounters along The Way.  In title form - "Along The Way."