JOURNEYMAN Featured Artist

Artists for a Better World (AFABW) Newsletter - February 2022 - JOURNEYMAN is featured artist

"We’re impressed with Journeyman – tell our readers more, what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others?"  
I am known as Journeyman. I specialize in creating soundtracks that are uplifting, inspirational, and spiritually-infused for any human on a journey – physical, spiritual or otherwise - Interview with VoyageLA

The music is contemporary, soulful, spirited, and positive. Personal, inviting, and inspiring lyrics infuse these pop-contemporary songs, sometimes touching on World sounds, incorporate Spanish and country musical flare, all the while catchy and uplifting. Guitar and drum rhythms allow you to walk at your own beat, with their universal appeal.” - Amazing Tunes
Hlavin wasn’t wrong when choosing his artist name, because we have never had an artist take us on such an extensive and colorful journey, musically.

...this album makes you feel at home, comfortable yet excited to get into the next song, and join in on the journey with the next featured artist.

It’s as if our favorite artist did a feature album, and brought in brand new artists who you have never heard of, yet have fallen in love with them from the second you heard the first note sung. ” - Music Existence