LABERINTO del CAMINO is a recent undertaking of Journeyman with the goal of creating an immersive experience revolving around the installation of a labyrinth in the park of a Spanish village.

Imagine this... You are walking along the Camino Francés route in Spain. You are deep in your thoughts walking in the shade of a forested "tree tunnel." Suddenly, the tree tunnel ends and you are immersed in sunshine. A beautiful, expansive park welcomes you to Palas de Rei.

As you continue your trek along the dark blue Camino Francés gravel path in Palas de Rei, you cannot help but look over your left shoulder in awe at this beautiful park under sugar blue skies. And what else do you see? LABERINTO del CAMINO.

Curious, you walk over to this labyrinth (not a maze) and feel a calling to walk this serpentine path. You "breathe in peace" as you begin your labyrinth journey. Upon exit of the labyrinth you "breathe out love." With renewed spirit and wind behind your back, you re-enter the Camino Francés path and continue your westward trek towards he town of Palas de Rein, only minutes away and serving as a respite for weary travelers.

Mission - JOURNEYMAN and the municipality of Palas de Rei are leading an effort to build a uniquely designed labyrinth - LABERINTO del CAMINO - in a park in Palas de Rei that straddles Camino Francés, the most famous of all Camino de Santiago routes (also referred to as "The Way"). Camino Francés is a 790km (500 mile) route that weaves through northern Spain from east to west. This route begins in the Pyrenees mountains of southwestern France and utimately leads travelers (pilgrims) to the tomb of Saint James, the apostle, located in the northwest corner of Spain. The tomb of Saint James is located at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, located approxumately 40 miles (65km) due west of Palas de Rei.

Note: Although different names in different languages, Saint James, Santiago, San Diego refer to the same person (apostle). 

Purpose - The pupose of building a labyrinth near Camino Francés in Spain is threefold: (1) provide pilgrims, labyrinth enthusiasts, and toursits yet another personally enriching experience along the Camino Francés path (i.e., an oasis for the heart and path for the soul), and (2) provide Palas de Rei with additional prominence and prestige along the Camino Frances route (i.e., a "must see" and "must do" actvity), and (3) a personal giveback by JOURNEYMAN to the Camino.

Location - This uniquely-designed labyrinth will be situated in a public park that straddles Camino Francés in the town of Palas de Rei, Spain. The Camino Francés route passes directly through Palas de Rei. The town is located approximately 65km (40 miles) east of the city/cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Additionally, Palas de Rei is considered part of the "home stretch" on Camino Francés. That is, Palas de Rei is included witihn the final 100 km (60 miles) of Camino Francés, the minimum distance required to obatin a certificate of pilgrimage completion - the "Compostela." Vitually all pilgrims who walk Camino Francés, estimated at 165,000 annually, pass through Palas de Rei.  

Team - As with any venture, success is a function of the team involved in the project. JOURNEYMAN is working closely with Palas de Rei municipal officials and Paths of Peace, a renowned labyrinth-building organization and, of course, volunteers.

Volunteers - Volunteers to support the building of the labyrinth are welcomed. If interested in a volunteer role, please contact Journeyman at

Installation Date - The labyrinth installation date is set for MAY 7, 2022 - coincidentally, "World Labyrinth Day." Groundbreaking took place on November 29, 2021.

Fundraise Effort - Donations to support this effort are welcome and being accepted at (keywords Journeyman + Spain; Journeyman + labyrinth). All proceeds are directed to The Labyrinth Society, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and administrator of donations received through 

Endorsement - Laberinto del Camino is endorsed as a "Special Project" by The Labyrinth Society, the world's largest membership organization of labyrinth enthusiasts.