Come join the journey and be transported to Spain to walk Laberinto del Camino, musically. Laberinto del Camino is not only a song, but also the name of a magical labyrinth that will be built along Camino Frances in Spain. That's right, a labyrinth called Laberinto del Camino will be built in an expansive park on the outskirts of Palas de Rei, a rural town that straddles the Camino in Spain.

Proceeds from the purchase of this song will go to help build Laberinto del Camino in Spain. Click on the "DOWNLOAD" button below to make your donation now! And before you walk Laberinto del Camino musically, remember to breathe in peace. And when you exit Laberinto del Camino, breathe out love. Lyrics by Journeyman and vocals by Fernando Garcia.

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Laberinto del Camino - Journeyman (feat. Fernando Garcia)

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Introducing Laberinto del Camino, a seprentine path that takes you round & round on a journey to the center of a magical labyrinth. All proceeds go to help build Laberinto del Camino, a labyrinth to be built in a small Spanish village that straddles the Camino in Spain. Lyrics are presented below.

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PARADISE PRANCER by Journeyman (feat. Jennifer Corday)

"Paradise Prancer" is the nickname for a peacock. And we all know that peacocks strut around with their brilliantly colored and shimmering feathers trying to gain the attention and affection of their potential mate.  Well, many people on the Camino of life strut along the way in a similar fashion. And each peacock romance has its own story. Listen to L.A.'s top female vocalist, Jennifer Corday, as she sings Paradise Prancer, capturing the essence of one particular peacock's courtship ritual. Enjoy! 



One night while sitting in bed and reading the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho (top 15 all-time best seller), Journeyman received a calling to go on a journey that led him to walk Camino de Santiago in Spain. Inspired by his Camino adventure and the book, Journeyman created the song titled "Alchemy Gold." Alchemy Gold speaks to the transformational effects a journey, with its many hills and valley, can have on a person.

Join Journeyman as he uses musical alchemy to turn metal into a gold. The recipe? Add one slice of Philosopher's Stone (i.e., life) with two parts soul and three three parts love. Mix this togehter and you have a hit record - Alchemy Gold. Lyrics by Journeyman featuring vocalist, Barely Trev, and guitarist/co-producer, Matt Thorne.


Lady of the Way

While walking the Camino Francés route (referred to as "The Way") through the city of León, Spain, Journeyman ventured into the Santa María de Regla de León Cathedral. This cathedral is famous for its stained glass windows (most in Europe) and walnut choir stalls. Santa Maria refers to Saint Mary, mother of Christ. Since this cathedral is situated along The Way, the nickname for this beautiful and radiant structure is "Lady of the Way." Inspired, Journeyman "humanized" the cathedral and through lyrics guides the listener on a tour through this magnificent cathedral and home to Santa Maria. Lyrics by Journeyman with melody assistance from Shevon Nieto. Los Angeles-based songbird, Maya Sh'Von, provides the heavenly vocals. Co-produced by P Washington and Matt Thorne.

Original artwork by Peter Hlavin

@2021 Peter Hlavin

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